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Traveling and Cooking in China's Yunnan Province

Other Yunnan Resources

Photo: Ariana Lindquist, from Mu Gua Ji, Saveur #144


My Articles About Yunnan:
Saveur, “Mugua Ji” – sour and spicy chicken with flowering quince

Yunnan-Specific Websites:
GoKunming: a forum for expats living in Yunnan, with recipes and articles about events and travel in the region
Yunnan Tourism: a good English language site

Articles about Food and Travel in Yunnan:
BBC, “Chinese cheese: A taste of ‘milk cake’ in Yunnan” by the wonderful Fuchsia Dunlop
The Guardian, “Allegra McEvedy’s food guide to China’s Yunnan province
LA Times, “Yunnan, China: Thousand Lion Mountain, cormorant fishing, more
National Geographic, “Parallel Rivers
National Geographic, “Tea Horse Road
NY Times, “36 Hours in Lijiang
NY Times, “On Foot in the Mountains of Mystical Yunnan
NY Times, “Untouched by Time: Heshun, China” – photo essay by my friend Ariana Lindquist
NY Times, “Into the Past At China’s Edge” – by Peter Hessler
NY Times, “China Lite” – about visiting Kunming
Saveur, “Season of Plenty: Yunnan’s Mushroom Harvest” – my good friend Beth Kracklauer explores Yunnan’s mushrooms
Saveur, “A Guide to Yunnan’s Wild Mushrooms” – companion piece to the above article
Saveur, “The Guide: Yunnan, China” – a few suggestions for places to stay and eat
Travel+Leisure, “Hotels in Yunnan, China
Travel+Leisure, “Xishuangbanna, China” – a short guide
Travel+Leisure, “China’s New Linden Centre
Travel+Leisure, “The New Shangri-la
WSJ, “Only In…Yunnan
WSJ, “China, As It Was” – visiting the Linden Center in Xizhou
WSJ, “The Yunnan Trail” – following the path of explorer Joseph Rock
WSJ, “Castle in the Air” – hiking in Pengtun

Recipes from Yunnan:
Yunnan-style Hongshaorou – from
Yunnan-style red beans and shiitakes – from
Yunnan-style tomato salad – from
Yunnan pumpkin and potato soup – from
Golden sands corn – from
Lotus root with preserved vegetables – from
Across the bridge noodles – from
Yunnan ham with capsicum – from
Yunnan-style crispy red beans – from
Laonai Yangyu – “Grandma’s potatoes” – from
Yunnan goat cheese with broccoli and tomato – from
Yellow pot chicken – from
Yunnan-style hash brown – from
Yunnan-style pork and egg custard – from
Yunnan-style edamame beans and garlic – from
Yunnan-style spring rolls – from

Books About Yunnan:
Joseph F. Rock and His Shangri-La 
China on the Wild Side: Explorations in the China-Tibet Borderlands. Volume 1: Yunnan and Sichuan
Across Yunnan: A Journey of Surprises 

Yunnan Travel Resources:
Wild China
Haiwei Trails 
China Culture Center